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The Miltex Inc. offering of endodontic products meets the needs of dental professionals for all sequences in the endodontic procedure. Our extensive offering includes hand instruments, hand files as well as rotary files, and accessory endodontic products.

  • Hand Instruments - our selection of hand instruments include pluggers, spreaders, condensers, excavators, spatulas, and plastic instruments; they are available in the stainless steel, octagonal, Tactile Tone, GripLite®, and GripLite® S6 handle options.

  • Hand Files - our selection of hand files are available in all types: K-type files, hedstrom files, reamers, barbed broaches; and are offered in both stainless steel and nickel- titanium options. Our Hi-5 files are great for calcified or small canals since their unique strong and stiff pentagonal cross section facilitates easy penetration.

  • Rotary Files - the revolutionary Liberator™ rotary nickel-titanium files feature a patented straight blade design and manufacturing process that minimizes ledging and transportation, allowing the Liberator files to provide an unprecedented level of safety and control.

  • Marked Gutta Percha & Paper Points - The new Miltex marked gutta percha features millimeter markings that allow the dentist to view the depth reached by the gutta percha in the canal, ensuring that the apex is properly sealed. Various sizes and tapers are available.

  • Sprint TCM motor & Handpiece - the Sprint Torque Control Motor allows you to confidently clean and shape curved canals with pre-selectable speed and torque control limits, which greatly reduces the risk of file separation. Three reduction angles are also available separately or as part of a set (1:1, 8:1, and 10:1).

  • Other products - Miltex also offers medicament solutions, cotton/college pliers, canal aspirators, and endo stands/trays/parts.