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General Dentistry

Miltex Inc. offers a comprehensive line of high quality general dentistry instruments and products.

  • Syringes - our syringe offering includes self-aspirating and aspirating (type C-W or A) syringes available in both standard and petite thumb ring handle sizes, the articulating barrel syringe that bends to a 90 degree angle for easier cartridge refill, and the N-Trallig® intraligamentary syringe that delivers precisely 0.2cc of anesthetic.

  • Burs & Diamonds - the new and improved Miltex burs feature stainless shanks brazed to the cutting end lower on the instrument to provide maximum strength and reduce the risk of breakage. The burs are packaged in a convenient Easy-Peel blister pack and clinic pack bags, which allow for easy distribution and tray set up.

  • Finishing & Polishing - Miltex abrasive strips include Lightning® strips that make finishing and trimming fillings faster and easier on even the hardest porcelain or composite surfaces while being sensitive enough for anesthetic finishes. We also offer micro diamond strips, Spectra-A and Spectra-F strips, as well as Dual Alo Evenwet® strips.

  • Prosthodontic - our prosthodontic line includes aluminum shells, copper bands, and crown removers. The Wynman Crown Gripper features Tungsten Carbide inserts for better grip ability and easy placement of crowns in tight spaces as well as removal of temporary crowns.

  • Cosmetic & Restorative - Miltex offers amalgam carriers, amalgam pluggers, condensers, and composite instruments. We also offer standard matrix and Tofflemire retainers as well as Tofflemire bands.

  • Gauges & Dividers - Boley gauges, crown gauges, and spring bow dividers are available in the Miltex offering. Our new Micro Boley Gauge features very slender beaks to gain easy intra-oral access to measure inside as well as outside dimensions.

  • Waxes - the line of Miltex wax includes Beauty Pink wax, All Season wax, All Purpose wax, bees wax, boxing wax, and much more.