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Dental Laboratory Products

Miltex, Inc. offers an extensive line of products to meet the needs of dental lab technicians.

  • GTN Lab Burs - superior quality GTN lab burs that are coated with Gold Titanium Nitride, which allows for a smoother finish and faster cutting time while lasting up to 10 times longer than conventional carbide burs.

  • Finishing & Polishing - our finishing and polishing line features mandrels, Lightning® discs, paper discs, Evenwet discs, Spectra discs, and Joe Dandy separating discs, as well as pumice.

  • Waxes - our wide selections of lab waxes include All Season Wax, Sticky Wax, Lab Wax, Utility Wax, as well as Base Plates. Our Base Plates are made of a non-distorting shellac compound that produces extremely accurate, detailed reproductions of model contour for final impression and bite blocks.

  • Hand Instruments - the hand instrument line for lab technicians include spatulas, knives, plaster nippers, soldering tweezers, and platinum foil holding forceps.