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New Dental Products

Miltex, Inc. develops products specifically with the dental professionals in mind based upon careful market research. Our research has led to the introduction of innovative products, which include the GripLite® and GripLite® S6 hand instruments, Liberator™ rotary nickel-titanium endodontic files and our Petite Aspirating Syringe.

N-Trlig Syringe
The popular N-Tralig syringe is now made from high quality German Stainless Steel, which gives it a greater life expectancy and the same consistently precise delivery of 0.2cc of anesthetic.

Petite Syringe
Ergonomical by design, the petite syringe features a modified thumb ring handle that is smaller and fits more comfortably on smaller hands. The harpoon rod has also been shortened for easier aspiration.

GripLite® S6
Featuring a stainless steel, ergonomic handle with soft comfortable tactile grips and an anti-roll feature built into the grips, GripLite S6 hygiene hand instruments will help reduce hand and wrist fatigue.

Liberator nickel titanium rotary files incorporate a unique straight flute design and manufacturing process which eliminates the traditional helical flutes found on virtually all rotary endodontic files. The result is that Liberator files will not self- thread into a canal, which is a major contributor to file separation.

Sharpening Stones and Honing Oil
Miltex sharpening stones and honing oil provide clinicians with the proper tools for re-establishing an instrument’s proper cutting edge.

Micro Boley Gauge
Featuring extremely slender beaks, the Micro Boley Gauge measures intra-oral inside dimensions (ID) and outside dimensions (OD) for cosmetic/restorative and orthodontic procedures.

Grip Deep Extracting Forceps
Featuring serrated beaks that are tapered, to allow subgingival access, the Grip Deep Extracting Forceps aid in the atraumatic removal of the tooth and reduces the risk of fracturing the root structure, or cause trauma, to the surrounding hard and soft tissues.



Petite Syringe




Grip Deep Extracting