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Integra Miltex CryoSolutions®

CryoSolutions is a convenient, in-office treatment utilizing the recognized cryogenic advantage of liquefied nitrous oxide.  This treatment is appropriate for a variety of dermatologic applications due to the effectively low and destructive temperature delivered to the treatment site.

CryoSolutions is an innovative yet simple device for delivery of liquefied nitrous oxide which allows the
clinician to pinpoint the treatment site for rapid freezing and efficacious destruction of unwanted tissue. Also available for veterinary use.

Features Benefits
• Rapid freezing (-128°F)
• Small, sellf-contained unit
• Autoclavable glass tips
• Low cost versus higher cost chemical agents
• Compact and portable
• Controlled temperature helps reduce treatment time
• Nitrous oxide will not evaporate from cartridge
• Cleanable and sterilizable
• Practice revenue builder
• Always ready to use

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Product Brochures
CryoSolutions for Veterinary Use