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Our new PADGETT Instrument Catalog (44MB) features our expanded offering of over 1,500 new premium SuperCut and Tungsten Carbide instruments as well as forceps, rasps, retractors, dissectors, fiber optic, bipolar and other specialty instrument patterns. 

Our instrument selection recognizes and meets a variety of clinical needs for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery involving Breast, Face, Eye, Abdominal, Nasal, Maxillofacial, Cleft Palate, Hand and many other procedures.  In addition, these products are extensively used in Dermatology, Oral & Maxillofacial, ENT, Ophthalmology and General Surgery applications.

SuperCut (SC), Tungsten Carbide (TC) and SuperCut+Tungsten Carbide (SC+TC)

One of the most extensive and comprehensive offerings including hundreds of new Premium Instruments for all Plastic, Reconstructive, General and Specialty Surgery applications.  Scissors include new SC, TC, SC+TC combo patterns with a range of blade designs including saber-back, semi-sharp outer edges and flattened blunt tips for controlled undermining and tissue dissection.  Our expanded Tungsten Carbide instruments include Needle Holders, Rasps, Forceps, and Specialty instruments such as Morselizers, Wire Cutters, etc.

Bone Instruments

Expanded offering of Chisels, Osteotomes, Gouges, Mallets, Rongeurs, Bone Cutting Forceps and Morselizers for precise bone contouring and outstanding cutting capability during:  Rhinoplasty, ENT, Oral & Maxillofacial including Cleft Palate repair /reconstruction as well as Orthopedic procedures involving Reconstructive Hand Surgery and Carpal Tunnel correction.


Elevators and Dissectors

Approximately 60 new patterns for Breast Dissection prior to implant placement, Forehead and EndoBrow dissectors to fit the facial contours and provide effective dissection during forehead lift, brow lift, facial implant, ocular and other facial procedures.  Includes many other patterns for Cleft Palate, Nasal, Skin, Periosteal applications and many more.


Dressing & Tissue Forceps

Hundreds of new Stainless Steel, Tungsten Carbide and Diamond Dust patterns.  In addition, a comprehensive offering of Bipolar & Insulated Electrosurgery Forceps and Cables are now available as well as Traditional, Ring-Handled and Dual Action patterns of hemostats, clamps and specialty forceps for Nasal, Septum, Ear, Breast, Tendon, Maxillofacial, to name just a few.



Hooks and Retractors

Over 300 instruments for precision skin and bone retraction to support a multitude of applications.  New patterns include Rake Retractors, Cheek and Mouth Gags, hooks and retractors for Face, Abdominal, Breast, Eye, Lid, Nasal, etc.  Most importantly, we are excited to offer our new Fiber Optic Lighted Retractors, Cable, Light Source and accessories.


Misc. New Specialty Items 

  • Nasal instruments and products - Sheen Grids, Brown Nasal Splints, Morselizers and Gruber Rhinoplasty instruments.
  • Hand Instrumentation – Lead Hands & Splints, Tendon Strippers and Diagnostic Instruments for carpal tunnel and hand reconstruction procedures.
  • Breast Instruments – Calipers, Dissectors and Fiber Optic Retractors which are used in conjunction with Areola & Keyhole Markers for accurate marking of the areola and delineating areas of the breast tissue to be excised during augmentation or reduction procedures.
  • Oral & Cleft Palate Instruments – Trimmers, Elevators, Dissectors and specialty Wire (Erich Arch Bar) Material and instruments.
  • Eye - Corneal Shields, Lid Retractors, Tenotomy Scissors, etc.
  • ENT – Picks, Suction Tubes, Micro Alligator Forceps & Scissors, Sterile & Disposable ENT Packing Line, Suction Forceps, etc.
  • Face & Abdominal – Fiber Optic Retractors, Flap Markers and Demarcators, Specialty Scissors, etc.
  • General – Microsurgical Trays, Reusable Skin Marking Pen, Calipers & Rulers, Magnetic Instrument Mat, etc.




  • Padgett by Miltex® brand/grade instruments
  • Comprehensive Offering
  • Hundreds of new SuperCut and Tungsten Carbide Scissors, Needle Holders, Rasps, Forceps, Specialty Instruments, etc
  • Fiber Optic Retractors, Light Source and accessories available in the Padgett offering
  • Bipolar Electrosurgery Forceps and cables
  • Specialty instruments
  • SuperCut Scissors have a specially designed razor-sharp upper blade and lower blade with micro-fine serrations
  • Tungsten Carbide Scissors, Needle Holders, Forceps, Rasps and Specialty Instruments all of which have tungsten carbide inserts seamlessly bonded to the upper and lower blades and jaws



  • Two great premium OR quality Miltex & Padgett brands. Two Great Brands…….One Great Company.
  • 1,000 new Padgett instruments and products to further complement our comprehensive Miltex offering.
  • Premium instruments preferred by the discerning Plastic, Derm & General Surgeons. 
  • New technology which simultaneously retracts the tissue and illuminates the operating field.
  • Ideal for coagulation and eliminating bleeding vessel sites exposed during dissection.
  • Fulfills the Clinicians’ instrument needs for procedures involving the Breast, Face, Eye, Abdominal, Nasal, Maxillofacial, Cleft Palate, Hand Reconstruction, etc.
  • Cut effortlessly through skin & tissue, hold & prevent slippage of tissue and minimize scarring.
  • Offer precision cutting performance, added durability of cutting edge sharpness and long-term savings due to extending service life and higher resistance to wear when compared to traditional stainless steel patterns.