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SuperCut Scissors
Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel and employing German craftsmanship, Miltex® SuperCut Scissors are ideal for a variety of surgical procedures. These scissors have a specially designed razor-sharp upper blade edge that cuts effortlessly through tissue. The lower blade has micro-fine serrations to hold and prevent tissue slippage. For easy identification, Miltex® SuperCut Scissors have black ring handles.

Super Cut TipSurgical Scissors

Carb-N-Sert® Scissors, Needle Holders, Rasps, Forceps and Specialty Instruments
These premium-grade instruments have Tungsten Carbide inserts seamlessly bonded to the upper and lower blades and jaws of the highest quality German crafted stainless steel scissors, needle holders, rasps, forceps and specialty instruments. Carb-N-Sert® scissors offer precision cutting performance, as well as the durability of Tungsten Carbide cutting edges which maintain their sharpness much longer than standard stainless steel instruments. In addition, the needle holder and forceps patterns have replaceable Tungsten Carbide jaw inserts bonded to the finest quality stainless steel instruments to ensure optimum grip on sutures and needles, as well as long-lasting performance against wear. For easy identification, Miltex® Tungsten Carbide instruments have gold-plated ring handles.

Tungsten Tip ScissorsScissoredge

Ceram-A-Grip® Needle Holders
The Miltex® Ceram-A-Grip® line of needle holders uses the same technology developed for the aerospace industry. Our unique and exclusive ceramic material is fusion bonded to the jaws of the needle holder and is extremely hard and durable improving the gripping power of the instrument. These premium needle holders outperform standard stainless steel patterns and provide many of the same benefits of a Tungsten Carbide insert, but at a lower cost.

Tungsten Carbide Inserts