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Sterilization Containers

Sterilization Containers & Supplies Brochure (1.5MB)

Miltex has solicited the help and experience of our Customers and Surgical Dealer Partners in the design and construction of the very best Sterilization Container available today. We have included all of the necessary choices in a streamlined selection to offer not only the best Container but also one that is economical and well suited for your facility budget and instrument sterilization and storage requirement.

Miltex Sterilization Container System…….Designed and Constructed for the Customer

Product Features

  • Lightweight aluminum is easy to lift and carry varying loads
  • Anodized aluminum alloy is corrosion resistant – easy to maintain
  • Low profile latch securely and easily closes lid over container bottom
  • Filter retention plate is a simple click and lock mechanism which allows easy and quick change of disposable filter

Miltex Container Offering

  • Offering includes 2 standard styles:
    • Vacuum Sterilizer Containers - Solid Bottom
    • Gravity Sterilizer Containers – Perforated Bottom
  • Both styles available in 3 container sizes:
    • ½-size, ¾-size and full-size
  • Each container size & style offered in 3 heights:
    • 4”, 5-1/3” and 6”
  • Lid and Bottom sold together as standard unit or separately, if preferred

Miltex Container Accessories

  • ID Tags available in 6 colors
    • Blue, black, green, silver, gold, red
    • Engrave up to 14 characters per tag
    • To identify contents and destination
  • Three basket heights for each size container:
    • 2”, 3” and 4”
  • Wire and Perforated Baskets are available


  • Tamper Evident Lock
    • Provides evidence that contents remain sterile while lock is unbroken
  • Disposable Filter
    • Plain filter within filter retention plate allows sterilant to penetrate container and continues to protect contents after sterilization
    • PreVacuum Containers have Filter(s) in Lid only
    • Gravity Containers have Filter(s) in Lid and Bottom
  • Indicator Cards
    • “Indicates” sterile processing in either steam or gas

Sterilization Containers