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Integra Miltex Disposables

Surgical Disposables Brochure (1.2MB)

Ear Curettes
Each color-coded curette is individually Packaged and available in boxes (50) of 4 different Tip styles.


Biopsy Punch
Either standard (Box/50) or with Specimen Ejection Plunger (Box/25). Sizes from 1.0mm up to 8.0mm As well as assorted box.


Safety Scalpel
A choice of 6 OSHA compliant sizes in dispenser boxes of 10 each.

Standard Scalpel
An assortment of 8 blade sizes in boxes of 10 each.

Choice of carbon or stainless steel in 11 sizes. Each Blade in foil peel-packs in box of 100.

Dermal Curettes
A semi-sharp edge to ensure true curettage. A choice Of 5 sizes in boxes of 50 each.

Endometrial Cannula
A gentle, effective method of extracting Endometrium for histological evaluation (Box of 25)

Endometrial Sampling Set
This endometrial suction curette includes the Syringe for obtaining a sample of Differentiated tissue (Box of 10 sets)