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Veterinary Specialty Packs/Kits

Miltex takes the guess work out of surgical and dental instrumentation by offering the Miltex® Veterinary Instrument Kits which have been developed through the guidance of Veterinary Professionals.

Miltex Veterinary Instrument Kits are designed for convenience & ease of use and organized in Miltex® Stainless Steel Sterilization & Storage Cassettes.  

Based on product and financial needs of your practice, Miltex offers three different instrument grades: 

Miltex® Brands:   

MeisterHand™ Brands

Vantage™ Brands:   

  • Premium quality O.R. grade
  • German steel,
  • German forgings
  • German crafted finishing 
  • O.R. quality
  • German steel
  • German forgings
  • European finishing
  • Mid-grade quality
  • Japanese steel
  • Pakistan forgings
  • Pakistan finishing