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McGivney Hemorrhoidal Ligator

Features & Benefits
Clinical/Product Information


Features & Benefits

The Miltex NEW and improved McGivney Hemorrhoidal Ligator system is compatible with both our new Latex-Free and traditional Latex ligating O-rings. The barrel end of the instrument has been modified to accept both the Latex-Free and Latex pattern O-rings.



  • Miltex® brand/grade instruments
  • Offset and Lightweight ergonomically designed handle
  • Shaft with ligating drum can be rotated 360 degrees
    New improved ligating Instrument
  • Improved and modified barrel design
  • Shaft can be easily disassembled from the handle
  • Premium Office & OR quality instruments designed for precision and achieving desired results.
  • Comfortable and controlled grip with improved viewing access to the procedure site.
  • Precision positioning and placement of ligating O-ring
  • Versatile instrument accepts both Latex-Free and Latex O-rings.
  • Prevents O-rings from jamming during mechanical activation.
  • Facilitates easy instrument cleaning & maintenance


Clinical/Product Information

Part Number


28-154A McGIVNEY Hemorrhoidal Ligator Set - with McGivney Grasping Forceps, ligating rings and loading cone - large


28-154B McGIVNEY Hemorrhoidal Ligator - with loading cone and Latex Free O-Rings
28-155 Latex Free O-Rings, 100 rings per bag, For 28-154B Ligator only  
28-156 Loading Cone for 28-154B Ligator only  
28-152 McGIVNEY Hemorrhoidal Grasping Forceps, 7-1/2" (19.1cm), Angled Shanks.



McGivney Hemorrhoidal Ligator Hi-Light