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Features & Benefits


These new 5” long Osteotomes are ideal for maxillofacial, oral, plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures.  They are available with either Straight or Curved cutting edges with width options ranging from 2mm to 12mm.  In addition, the serrated distal working end feature offers a dual purpose to help maintain osteotome cutting control during mallet interface and can also be used for bone/cartilage compacting.

Ear Lobe Forceps

Ideal for clamping and stabilizing the ear during the repair of stretched or torn ear lobe piercing(s).  The 8x10 mm diameter ring and threaded locking screw enables the clinician to isolate the area of ear lobe tissue requiring surgical attention and/or repair. 


Skin Graft Knives

Skin graft knives are an important tool during surgical procedures in which a piece or section of skin is removed from a healthy area of the body and transplanted to another area which may have been affected by a defect, wound, trauma and/or burn.  The comprehensive Padgett offering of skin graft knives and debriding forceps provide the clinician with the necessary product solutions for both the routine office-based applications and the more complex operating room procedures.

The Padgett skin graft knives range in size from the miniature Silver Knife with 1-½ inch postage stamp size cutting blade to the longer Watson and Cobbett Knives with 6-inch blades necessary for larger grafts and skin repair.  The instrument designs include variable cutting depth settings to adjust thickness of desired skin grafts.  In addition, USF specialty forceps with angled jaws and flanged side blades assist with the debridement of a wound or burn.




  • Padgett by Miltex® brand/grade instruments
  • Comprehensive Offering
  • Expanded Offering with new Mini Osteotomes, Ear Lobe Forceps and Skin Graft Knives
  • Specialty instruments



  • Two great premium OR quality Miltex & Padgett brands for pull-through and cross marketing to increase sales and market share. Two Great Brands…….One Great Company.
  • 1,000+ new Padgett instruments and products to further complement our comprehensive Miltex offering.
  • New products for office-based and operating room procedures to better serve the needs of our Dealer partners and end-users
  • Fulfills the Clinicians' instrument needs for both Cosmetic and Reconstructive procedures involving Breast, Face, Ears, Eye, Abdominal, Nasal, Maxillofacial, Clef Palate, Hand, etc.

Clinical/Product Information


Part Number

PM-044402 Mini Osteotome, Straight, 5" (127mm), 2mm Wide  
PM-044404 Mini Osteotome, Straight, 5" (127mm), 4mm Wide  
PM-044406 Mini Osteotome, Straight, 5" (127mm), 6mm Wide  
PM-044408 Mini Osteotome, Straight, 5" (127mm), 8mm Wide  
PM-044410 Mini Osteotome, Straight, 5" (127mm), 10mm Wide  
PM-044412 Mini Osteotome, Straight, 5" (127mm), 12mm Wide  
PM-044422 Mini Osteotome, Curved, 5" (127mm), 2mm Wide  
PM-044424 Mini Osteotome, Curved, 5" (127mm), 4mm Wide  
PM-044426 Mini Osteotome, Curved, 5" (127mm), 6mm Wide  
PM-044428 Mini Osteotome, Curved, 5" (127mm), 8mm Wide  
PM-044430 Mini Osteotome, Curved, 5" (127mm), 10mm Wide  
PM-044432 Mini Osteotome, Curved, 5" (127mm), 12mm Wide  
PM18-1220 Ear Lobe Forceps, 3-1/2 (8.9 cm), w/set screw, 8x10mm rings  
PM-14701 Silver Miniature Skin Graft Knife, 7-1/2" (19.1 cm), uses standard double-edge razor blades  
PM-4597 Watson Skin Graft Knife (Modified Braithwaite), 12" (30.5 cm), uses PM-4596 6-1/4" (15.9 cm) sterile blades  
PM-4597LH Watson Skin Graft Knife (Modified Braithwaite), 11-3/4" (29.8 cm), Left-Handed, uses PM-4596 6-1/4" (15.9 cm) sterile blades  
PM-4598 Cobbett Skin Graft Knife (Modified Braithwaite), 12-1/2" (31.8 cm), uses PM-4596 6-1/4" (15.9 cm) sterile blades  

USF Debriding Forceps, 7" (17.8 cm), angled jaws



Sterile Blades, 6-1/4" (15.9 cm), 10/pk, for use with Skin Graft Knives Braithwaite, Watsons (PM-4597 & PM-4597LH) and Cobbetts (PM-4598)





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