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Disposable Safety Scalpels

Features & Benefits
Clinical/Product Information


Features & Benefits

Enjoy the convenience of disposables with the quality you want.  Miltex offers an extensive line of single-use instrumentation manufactured to provide the feel and performance of stainless steel instruments. 


Sterile Disposable Safety Scalpels

  • Complies with OSHA directive for the Needlestick Safety & Prevention Act

  • Stainless steel, razor-sharp cutting edge for superior cutting and clean incisions

  • Pre-assembled, fully retractable scalpel blade  is user activated

  • Sterile, 5-year shelf life

  • Individually packaged in sealed peel-apart pouches 

  • Convenience of disposables, single-use

  • Metric ruler on each scalpel to assist in determining incision length

  • Sizes clearly marked on each scalpel blade

  • Each dispenser box contains 10 safety scalpels

  • Six sizes available



Clinical/Product Information


Part Number





Disposable Safety Scalpel Size 10


4-511 Disposable Safety Scalpel Size 11  
4-512 Disposable Safety Scalpel Size 12  
4-515 Disposable Safety Scalpel Size 15  
4-515C Disposable Safety Scalpel Size 15C  


Disposable Safety Scalpel Size 22





Disposables Brochure (1.2MB)





Disposable safety scalpels