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SIMS and SIMPSON Uterine Sounds

Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits

Miltex now offers German-crafted SIMS and SIMPSON Uterine Sounds manufactured from malleable and fully autoclavable stainless steel. The new bendable stainless steel uterine sounds offer clinicians a reliable, quality instrument for both routine office-based procedures or in the operating room. The unique stainless steel design is a helpful alternative to traditional patterns manufactured with silver or chrome plating which may often contribute to tarnishing and/or stain deposit transfer during autoclaving and cleaning processes. The new Miltex flexible stainless steel uterine dilators reduce time separating and processing dissimilar metal instruments and eliminates scrubbing off instrument stains.

SIMPSON 30-655SS 13” (33cm), graduated in inches

SIMS 30-650SS 13” (33cm), graduated in centimeters




Miltex® brand/grade German instruments
  • Premium Office & OR quality instruments designed for precision, long lasting durability and performance.
Autoclavable and malleable stainless steel
  • Minimizes tarnishing and/or stain transfer inherent to traditional chrome and silver plated patterns.
  • Bendable design to fit the natural contours of the uterus.
Two measurement options
  • SIMS is graduated in centimeters and SIMPSON is graduated in inches.

Clinical/Product Information

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SIMS Uterine Sound 13” (33 cm), 4mm OD, graduated in cm, malleable, Stainless Steel


SIMPSON Uterine Sound 13” (33 cm), 4mm OD, graduated in inches, malleable, Stainless Steel




SIMS and SIMPSON Uterine Sounds Hi-Light